WARNING: issues with B&H and A7

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Re: WARNING: issues with B&H and A7

It's a common issue everywhere. The main problem is the fact that people are allowed to abuse the right to return stuff for any reason they please. What then happens is that people simply order stuff to just test it without ever having a serious intention of actually buying it. And this goes on the expense of serious and responsible buyers. So, if you are unlucky then you can pretty much pay a full price for a supposedly "new camera" which already took a few thousands shots. That's a huge drawback about buying online. If you intend to spend a lot of money then it's much safer to just go to a shop and buy the camera there because they is much less likely or even unlikely that they will sold you a used camera as new.

In my opinion it shouldn't be allowed to return what you bought unless what you bought had a defect.

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