And THIS is why I'm switching to Fuji from Sony...

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Re: And THIS is why I'm switching to Fuji from Sony...

LWS2013 wrote:

This comes back to the same old thing, if you get enough from an APS-C system then that is all you need but for others it isn't enough, it doesn't offer enough resolution or DR.

Some people like shooting their pets with a D800, some people like shooting in 24 Mpx and share on their blog in small size: these are their opinions. But it's not a need, it's a feeling. Some amateurs have a professional equipment. Some professionals get fantastic shots with cameras considered 'non pro". I'm for the diversity. The camera market is huge, most of the cameras can give fabulous pics if used in a proper way. And give ugly results with a bad photographer. We just have to know what we can/can't do with an equipment. I don't try to convince someone else but nobody can convince me about Sony ILCE near future. By the way: Sony? Canon? Nikon? Fuji? Olympus?Panasonic?Pentax?...Compact? m 43? APS-c? FF? I' ve already used different cameras in different sensor sizes of these brands, and I' ve been very happy with. And my point of view (only a personal feeling) is based on my amateur works, episodic uses and simple shares (blogs, websites, small prints).

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