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Re: This is business - there is a market for both


I agree that the OP's title was a tad prevocative in this forum, but OTOH why does every mirror-less development turn into pointless mirror-less versus DSLR debate? There is very clearly an existing market for both. Like NJOW, I fully expect to own both to get the advantages of both.

DSLRs may outsell mirror-less by roughly 4:1 at the moment but that's irrelevant. DSLRs probably outsell rangefinders by 1000:1, but RFs still sell. At a price. The issue is whether there is a viable market for each type. And it doesn't matter whether a specific camera is a fad of the month or a fad of the year - the salient statistic in the DSLR versus mirror-less debate is that five years ago there weren't any ILC mirror-less cameras and now there are millions of them. That's sales lost to other camera types (mostly DSLRs). Whether Pentax choose to enter that market is entirely a matter of their choosing. This is business. They'll follow if they think there's a yen in it.

I might appreciate a Pentax mirror-less, but I certainly can't argue whether they should or shouldn't - I don't run a camera manufacturing business, and I doubt anyone else here does. At the moment they are competing in the saturated APSC DSLR market and have a respected and popular model in the K3. Should they compete in the saturated and rapidly maturing APSC mirror-less market? I don't know. It would seem to me that there is less competition in the mirror-less FF market..........

Food for thought,


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