If you could only choose one: SEL50 or Sigma 60mm?

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Re: If you could only choose one: SEL50 or Sigma 60mm?

dbarber996 wrote:

Using an APS-C NEX, which one of these two lenses would you buy, if you could only have one?

If it makes an impact on your decision, pretend the other lenses you already own are the SEL20 pancake, SEL24Z and SEL35.

Thanks in advance!

I would prefer SEL50F18 over Sigma 60F28 because:
- it has 1.3 stops advantage F1.8 vs F2.8
useful for low light situations or for better subject isolation - portraits.
- it has 2-3 stops advantage because of OSS
you can shoot handheld at 1/25s with 90% keepers - great advantage in low light - you have SEL35F18, so you know what I mean.
- it has a very smooth OSS for filming
comparable only with the old SEL18200's OSS, better than SEL35F18 for filming - my opinion.
- chromatic aberration, vigneting, geometric distortion are corrected in the camera for Sony lenses - if you shoot jpeg it is important.
- now you can buy it in black too...., it will look cool with your SEL20, SEL24z, SEL35
Just my opinion...

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