Convince me to jump from Nikon to Fuji

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Re: Convince me to jump from Nikon to Fuji

I currently have Fuji X system & Nikon.  I keep the Nikon because I do the occasional wildlife shooting & need long lenses/weatherproofing.
AF speed:
I have X-E2 and Nikon is certainly faster. The X-T1 may improve AF tracking for Continuous AF, but I doubt it will be as good as Nikon D800/D7100.  That said X-T1 may be good enough for most circumstances., and I suspect next generation X-T will vastly improved. But the D610 has the 39 points system which I never got along with on my D7000.
AF accuracy
For static subjects the Fuji is spot on.  No more AF fine tuning.  This was  1 of the main reasons (other being size/weight) that caused me to get the Fuji X over a year ago.
Flash system
Nikon wins, but recent interview with Fuji shows they are working on it.  Question is whether they they can release new flashes that will give multi flash wireless TTL capability (like Nikons) that work on X-T1.
Dynamic Range. Nikon may be better (D800 at least) at really high isos, but when I process my Fuji X raws I don't curse that It would have been so much better with the Nikon!
I find Fuji lenses excellent. For me the new Nikons are getting too large/heavy, and the really good Nano coated / f1.4 versions expensive.

WYSIWYG is great in EVFs. I still get the odd difficulty with bright sunlight as I wear spectacles, but floppy widebrimmed hat cures in most circumstances. Not tried X-T1 yet, so that may be better.
I like Fuji's current philosophy on Firmware upgrades & it is clear they listen to customers.

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