A77: why long lenses seem to be so out resolved?

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Marco Cinnirella
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Re: A77: why long lenses seem to be so out resolved?

DXO's lens test have always thrown up some weird anomalies that appear to fly in the face of owner experiences of the same lens+camera combos. Who knows why? We can only speculate. I do wonder if they test multiple copies of each lens - I'm guessing they don't. There can be a lot of sample variation, even with expensive G lenses (sadly). One thing that doesn't surprise me - Tamrons sometimes out-resolving Sony G lenses - I have seen that in action myself with the 70-200s - Sony may have nailed SSM AF but at the long end the Tamron 70-200 can be sharper than the Sony G. If the new Tamron long zoom is as sharp or sharper than the 70-400G then they will have pulled off a miracle - it's going to be interesting.

Anyway, maybe DXO should get back to doing what they do best, which in my mind is making a very good raw processor, DXO Optics Pro.

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