And THIS is why I'm switching to Fuji from Sony...

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Re: And THIS is why I'm switching to Fuji from Sony...

khunfred wrote:

Of course Sony can't have a full line of lenses today. But is there any photographer who really understand what Sony plans? "Hey men, today what can we do to have some fun at our Sony office?" I only need a clear and consistent policy (Nex...!??) I have a very low budget, I can't invest today and switch tomorrow. And today, I trust in Fuji. Sensor size? I'm an amateur, and even professional photographers use smaller sensors. A smaller sensor can cover most of the situations. I've already used FF, APS-c, m4/3: I know what I can do with each format. And quality and fastness of the lenses are 50% of the process. Nobody can see the difference in terms of IQ between FF and APS-c files shared on the net. And in terms of depth of field, difference is tiny in 95% of the circumstances. I could talk about Dynamic range, or high ISOs, or resolution (who really needs 24Mpx on APSc or 36 on FF?) but in the same way: a good APS-c sensor gives me enough dynamic range, 1600/3200 ISO are clean, and in a cheaper and smaller camera/lense.

This comes back to the same old thing, if you get enough from an APS-C system then that is all you need but for others it isn't enough, it doesn't offer enough resolution or DR.

Possibly for the majority of photos on the net you couldn't see a difference between m4/3, aps-c or FF, I would also say that in most cases you couldn't tell the difference with images from a good cheap compact either.

So it really all depends upon what you need/want the images for and how they will be displayed, for many a good compact is all they need and a good compact is much cheaper and smaller than a Fuji system.

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