Convince me to jump from Nikon to Fuji

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Re: Convince me to jump from Nikon to Fuji

Astrophotographer 10 wrote:

First of all, the reason I'm on this forum at all is because I'm considering the X system as my next main system. My main experience of mirrorless is m4/3rds. My main experience in DSLR's is Olympus + Canon + Nikon pro systems.

Care to be specific?

AF systems should be similar and both adequate but D610 is probably overall faster - reviews to tell.

If the XT1 is as fast as m4/3rds, the focus will be, on the whole, faster than the D610.

As I recall D610 has 39 points and most of those are centred in the middle part of the scene - not ideal. XT1 has more focus points.

The nature of those focus points is crucial. Only the centre AF points of both are cross points. However, the D610's points cover much of the sensor and they can track focus far better than any mirrorless system.

XT1 is 8 fps D610 is less (not exactly sure but probably around 4 or 5)

Again, fps are largely linked to tracking focus. 6 fps for the D610.

IQ would be similar.

No. The D610 will have less noise at high ISO especially. Also, 24 mp v 16 mp. Also, wider DR.

Form much better on the XT1. Lenses better on the XT1,

Not true. Truly excellent lenses are available for the D610 that don't even exist in the X system (at the moment).

cost better on the XT1,

Body yes, lenses (especially on the used market) not so much.

EVF versus OVF - personal choice but for those who like EVF this is a plus, manual focusing ability - way better on XT1 - Nikons' green dot is not good enough,

White balance - Fuji is a lot better, Jpeg and colour - XT1 a lot better, Nikon has a slight green cast, sharpness - I would lean slightly to XT1 as no AA but D610 are also very nice.

I really don't understand why photographers fall for this 'no AA' business.

Tilt screen, panorama function, all XT1

yes, though the panorama function is available through software to anyone who wants it.

high speed SD card compatible - XT1

As long as the buffer stays clear enough for the camera to keep shooting, does this really matter?

external dials and knobs XT1.

Different styles. Personally, I like Fuji's style.

Live view focusing - much better on XT1. A common complaint against D800 and presumably D610

No question mark over QC like Nikon has with left side AF alignments, dust/oil on sensor although I believe that issue seems resolved - (we hope).

Keep in mind Nikon sell magnitudes more cameras. When (if) Fuji starts making LOTS of cameras, we'll probaly start seeing these issues as well.

Fuji is a way better and customer caring company than Nikon who handled the D600 oil/dust debacle appalling badly.

Fuji's customer care looks awesome at the moment. However, when (if) Fuji starts making ...

Fuji will offer regular firmware updates, Nikon only issues mostly bug fixes and no new functionality via firmware.

Fuji is BEST in the business at this right now.

Cost is less with XT1.

You said.

D610 is full frame and of course that is the big one and the source of endless debates on this forum but I personally agree full frame is superior if only for the wider FOV.

... and more DR, better DoF control, less noise (though not in terms of equivalence), ...

D610 would have slightly better low light noise at high ISO - but not by much XT1 (any X series) has superb high ISO low noise.

The main difference will be seen if you push/pull the files.

Nikon lenses are crippled

This is a really strong statement. I think most pros would strongly disagree with you.

- no aperture ring, most are made of plastic these days - their best and sharpest lens the 85 F1.8g has really bad CA. Fuji lenses have way more character, are faster on average (many are F1.4, F2.4 or F2.8). Fuji zooms have OIS Nikon only puts that on very few lenses. Fuji lenses are cheaper with better quality and faster for the same focal length. In many cases the comparable Nikon lens is several times as much for example 35mm F1.4 or any Nikon that is F1.4 tends to be a $2000 lens.

Nikon has better flash and all round accessories.


Nikon does not offer a decent mirrorless yet (APSc).

nope. But this has nothing to do with D610 v X-T1

D610 looks like every other black melted plastic looking lump - no character or appeal. XT1 is cool and full of character and unique.

Personal opinion (though I agree, personally speaking)

The DF that Nikon tried to make but fell short of.

Again, personal opinion.

XT1 has wifi and NFC - D610 has neither.


XT1 has full magnesium cast body I doubt D610 has.

wrong (with one exception)

Not 100% sure if D610 is weather sealed or not.

It is. And there are a range of weather proof lenses available right now ...

XT1 ha better LCD by a considerable margin. Nikon LCD is B grade and has a colour cast.

3.2 inches for the D610. 3 inches for the Fuji. Also, its not so important when you have a large optical view finder.

XT1 can mount any lens around using adapters - Nikon D610 cannot, only Nikon or lenses with Nikon compatible mounts like Zeiss.

Competitors point out that the Kindle can only accept Amazon books. True, but Amazon has so many books that few customers notice.

XT1 has AF that actually works in video with manual exposure controls on video. D610 does not. Video on the D610 based on D800e would be rather poor overall. XT1 would be better in terms of AF but still not a strong point of Fuji X, more a Panasonic, Sony, Canon strength.

Shall I go on?

If you wish. I'm happy to play.

Hence my post - I think it is indeed a serious competitor to D610 and I would not be surprised to see others consider it that way as well.

It is a different camera. Sometimes they can go head to head, but in many areas they are still completely different beasts.

So it probably boils down to how many Nikon lenses you have (of course you can use all those lenses on an XT1 with a nice adapter just manual focus).

The most important factor probably is the type of photography you do.

Have a good one, Greg.

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