Testing out a GM1...

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Testing out a GM1...

An adorable orange GM1 arrived via the big brown truck yesterday.

Unfortunately, a 17" snowstorm arrived just before the camera did, so not only is it too hard to go anywhere to shoot anything, everything outside is just, well, WHITE.....

So, I shot what I had around.  These are with the PL 45mm and one with the 100-300mm (for the heck of it).  I haven't given the kit zoom much of a work out since the light has been terrible and it's a little slow for that.  The camera does work fine with the 12-40mm, though, even though it's a funny combo in terms of size.  It does seem to love the 14mm, too, which is great, since I found that to be my favorite in-town lens on my prior Panasonic cameras (preferred the 12mm on the Olys).

Camera sits well in hand, and seems easy enough to use.  I don't even think I need a grip with it, surprisingly enough.  The leatherette on the front is grippy enough to enable it to not feel like it will slip out of my hand, and I hold the camera by the lens if I have any larger lens on it anyway.

The buttons are in reach, and I don't find the shutter placement awkward.  I can't quite understand why they didn't allow alternative Fn mapping to the movie record button (you can turn that off, though, which I did).  The back dial is not as smooth as the one on my old GF3, so I do end up pushing it and accidentally selecting things when I turn it some of the time (especially when zooming when chimping....but you can zoom by tapping or reverse pinching on the screen, so that's not a huge deal).  It does have lots of Fn programmability on the on-screen Fn buttons, and their way of doing it is very useable.  Lots of quick control is available this way, and it is indeed nicely implemented.

I still prefer Panasonic's menu system to Oly's.  However, the AF + MF mode on the Olys still is much better than the implementation on the Panasonics.  Six of one, half dozen of another....both do the job.

The rear LCD seems to be absolutely visible outside in bright snow (no full sun to try it in yet, though), which is very encouraging.  The screen is a good size, too, vs the shrunken aspect ratio of the EPM/EPL cameras.

In terms of IQ...well, hard to tell in this beastly weather.  I think it may do a little bit better at high ISOs than the EM1 in terms of pixel peeping level detail, but has just a bit more chroma noise (which cleans up fine in PP).  Color is more typically Panasonic (a bit heavier on the blues and greens than Oly), but it gets color ratios right (what I mean by this is that it renders different shades of similar colors accurately).  For instance, I collect vintage dinnerware (Fiesta ware and some other similar lines).  There are a bunch of different greens and reds, in particular, and some cameras can't accurately reproduce the subtle differences in some of these shades.  (My GH3, for example, had great trouble with getting the reds right in shots of these dishes).  The GM1 seems to have no problem in that area, so far.  I do wish there was some sunlight to really give this a try with, but that will have to wait a few days.

For the heck of it, I also put the 100-300mm on the camera, and surprisingly enough got a couple of good shots at a VERY slow speed (1/8 sec); the lens was hand held but well braced.  I also used the electronic shutter with that lens, which I think is a HUGE factor in blur reduction on it. (I noticed this when I tried prior Panasonic cameras with the E shutter and that lens, too).

My idea with this camera is to have it be my everywhere (purse) camera, and when I am out doing dedicated shooting to have it be my macro or wide angle dedicated cam, and the EM1 for long work, meaning I won't have to fiddle with lens changes when I am out meandering about in nature shooting situations.  I hate losing a shot when I have a wide angle lens on the camera and a bunch of interesting birds go by that I want to try and capture.....

I hope to get outside sometime next week when we get a few days above freezing and maybe even some sun.  I'd like to give it a workout on my favorite doors and walls, and see how it does.  Until then, here are some shots of the usual suspects......


Yes, the requisite first cat shot.

Very dessicated Cosmos left from the summer.

100-300mm at 1/8 sec, hand held!

These reminded me of kids playing Follow the Leader.

Funky Bokeh anyone?

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