X-E2 vs X-T1 after next X-E2 firmware update

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Brian_Downunda Regular Member • Posts: 457
X-E2 vs X-T1 after next X-E2 firmware update

In the DPR interview with Toshihisa Iida there is this quote:

Yes. For example we will release new firmware for the X-E2 soon which will improve the refresh rate of the EVF bringing it to the same level as the X-T1 and also add an interval shooting function.

I have an X-E1 and its EVF lag and shutter lag have been the major negative issues for me. It's ok in static shooting, but capturing the "decisive moment" is hard, and in low light is nearly impossible.

I have been tempted to upgrade to the X-E2 ever since it's been available. but I wanted to see it for myself, and my local dealer *still* hasn't got one in. Then the X-T1 was announced and given all the good reviews about the EVF I've placed an order.

But I'm one of those people who prefers the X-Ex rangefinder form factor, rather than the mini-dSLR. It's a more discrete shape. Given the above quote from Toshihisa Iida, I wonder if the X-E2 with the forthcoming firmware upgrade may be enough for me? I know that the X-T1 has a number of things that I'd like, such as tilting screen, weatherproofing, view mode button, but it's the EVF and an absence of lag that I'm really after.

Moreover this recent X-T1 preview on Youtube claims that the X-T1 has the same EVF as the X-E2 only magnified, so with a higher refresh rate, how much are you really missing with the X-E2?  I.e. how much difference does the additional magnification make?

So my question is this - have any other X-E1 owners, who were thinking of an X-T1 upgrade, had second thoughts about whether the X-E2 might be enough after all in light of the forthcoming firmware upgrade?  It's cheaper, and has the rangefinder form factor.

[Lovers of the mini-dSLR form factor need not feel the need to defend their preference.]

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