Help evaluate my oly 12mm f2

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Re: Help evaluate my oly 12mm f2

markymark101 wrote:

I've never been totally happy my Oly 12mm. I'll fully admit I'm not a professional and probably my pics are best described as amateur snapshots, but I keep thinking there's something not quite right with this lens.

I hike and take a lot of landscapes. In my DSLR days I would normally shoot f8 which allowed plenty of DOF. I figure with m43, f5.6 should have plenty of DOF for the entire image to be sharp. But with the 12mm, I see more softness than I'd expect with such a premium lens. I also have the 9-18mm, and at f5.6 the DOF is deeper and the image is sharper corner to corner than the 12mm.

I really want to like this lens. I like the color, and the images have good pop. The lens is super sharp in the center and when shooting street and targets at less than infinity, the lens performs well. It's landscapes where I'm not seeing what I expect.

Looking through my images, most landscapes were shot a f5.6, but I stumbled across a couple at f8, that are much better. I guess my questions: is my lens defective; is F8 the optimal setting for what I'm shooting; is there user error; or should I quit pixel peeping.

All images were shot raw and process in LR. All were sharpened using: Amount 60; Radius 0.8; Detail 40; Masking 50.

Judging from the pictures, I think there are some artefacts - the shilouette of the mountain and small leaves in the centre.

I compared these two - F5,6 vs F8.

Though it is difficult to assess it with these downsampled pictures, the centre is nice and sharp, but the left side looks less sharp even than the right side.

Perhaps there is some decentering defect, but there also is a normal rather pronounced difference between centre and border in this lens. See here:

This difference is rather pronounced in the leafes. But if you don't view it at 100%, the image appears to be quite sharp.

I don't see much difference between F8 and F5,6, but if you do, coud it be that the focus was on the centre and the much nearer borders are just a little out of focus? This would show more at F5,6 and might be the case in the first of the above pictures. "DOF" is just the depth of field with "acceptable" blurring.

BTW, where did you take this pictures?


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