Robin Wong - Olympus 25mm 1.8 review, part 1

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Check it out.

Also check out his friend's photos with the new body cap lens.

Part two is up for those that are interested.

General conclusion I walk away with is that both are good lenses. His observation that the Olympus might be brighter than the Panasonic is a bit provocative.

If the first part got people frothed up, the second won't settle them down any.

I know Robin said he isn't in the business of comparing a neverending list of gear, but in the case of this review, it would have been a good idea to add a late model Panasonic body to the mix. Even though they use the same mount, there have been some differences between the way O & P's bodies have worked with some lenses. All Robin can really say is how the Panasonic 25/1.4 performed on an Olympus E-M10. That's worth knowing, but in my opinion, not checking how that lens performs on say, a GH3, doesn't give a well rounded view of the 25/1.4.

He addresses that line of thinking by saying that he can't really do all the comparisons that everybody wants him to do. He says that some of his observations may only be applicable when using Panasonic lenses with Olympus bodies. It’s probably most beneficial to read his review with that in mind.

Agreed, and I had both of those points in mind. I even mentioned his comment on additional gear.

An Olympus body owner may have few issues with Robin's observations due to the likelihood that they'll apply to their own camera. For the owner of a Panasonic body, the review may fall short, or not - we simply don't know.

So, find reviewers with Panasonic bodies and see their comparisons, what's the problem. Or, rent both lenses for a week and do comparison youself on Panasonic camera. Would cost about $80, no big deal.

Without at least a cursory check of the Panasonic lens on a Panasonic body, there's no way of knowing what results that combination would yield. The AF issue is a perfect example of where there may be a difference in lens behavior between body brands.

What AF issue? It's reviewer's fault that he misfocused. There is no such issue with PL 25mm on Oly bodies. The lens is almost 2 year old, can you find any report about misfocusing?

Clearly, that isn't a concern for Robin, and I'm not saying it should be, but many MFT photographers may value that information. I do, and I only own Olympus bodies, but I occasionally loan lenses to a friend with a Panasonic body.

What difference do you expect to see anyway? I own PL 25mm and I use Olympus cameras, it works very well both in terms of IQ and AF accuracy and speed. Purple fringing is automatically corrected in Lightroom so I don't see it.
Difference between bodies will be marginal in this case.

I'm not criticizing Robin's work. I just wish he'd gone a little further.

You are pushing too much if you want reviever to test different bodies. I'm not an Olympus employee but if I was a blogger I wouldn't bother getting Panasonic body for review if I only have Olympus at hand. His site is a blog after all, not DxO Mark test engine.

The thing is that the lenses are very similar and this will be the same on all bodies. Thorough reviews on different sites will probably come to the same conclusion later, although it's better to wait to be sure.

Robin's review didn't address the only thing I was unhappy with PL25mm lens - harsh bokeh in some cases when sunlit foliage is in background. But, based on the samples I don't see a reason why Oly 25mm would be significantly better.

And that misfocusing thing is better to be forgotten. He probably didn't have experience with F1.4 lens before, he might have even more problems on Panasonic bodies as he isn't used to Pana focusing system.

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