Convince me to jump from Nikon to Fuji

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Blue Cheese, Is all about what YOU need and LIKE.

blue_cheese wrote:

nixda wrote:

After getting responses here, you could approach it from the other side: post threads in the Nikon and Sony forums with the request for people to talk you out of getting into the Fuji X-system Fuji. You should be getting a lot of interesting and useful responses

It doesn't work!, I am doing the exact same thing (except for rather than coming from Nikon FF I am trying to avoid it)... I posted in the nikon forum that I lurked in for 3+ years. In the Canon forum, and this forum. The problem with all of you guys is you are so damn excited about all the cameras.

The more and more I read the crazier I get about the choice. It is really tough call for me between a D610, a 70D, and an XT1 and so far I am not convinced on just one.

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This is VERY difficult because people really can't tell us what we really like or need, only ourselves can do that. All you have to do is learn about what cameras are out there, which ones have the most important features FOR YOU, take your time, lots of time, and then choose one.

Ask about what software works best, not all cameras are the same, specially fuji from what i understand. Go to the camera store and shoot with flash, and without flash, and first see if you like the IQ, at least you'll get an "idea" on what the output looks like. Maybe you WONT like fuji, who knows, everybody likes different things.

Don't get me wrong, i really like fuji, and i am really liking my new XE1 for several reasons, but after shooting with the S5 PRO, the S5 just KICKS every other camera's ass regarding skin tones, yes including fuji's new cameras. Sometimes i wish i should have never used the S5

Like i said, who knows, you might not even like it or it was not what you "expected". One thing that is going to HAVE to happen, no matter what other brand you go to, you are gonna have to get used to it

All it takes is patience and TIME.

And like someone said, maybe you could stay with nikon AND get a second different body for a different purpose.  Maybe that way you'll know for sure what works BETTER for you.  After that you can sell all your stuff.

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