With the world’s fastest autofocus system (A6000)

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re: F_I_N_A_L_L_Y !!! yes, it needs to be tortuous slew of tests

seachicken2000 wrote:

I just tried one at CP+. I enabled face detection, and locked focus on the face of someone walking towards me. I placed the face in the top left corner of the frame.

Then I slewed the camera as fast as I could from left to right, and immediately took a shot with the face in the top right corner of the frame.

I wasn't playing fair, but nonetheless the camera tracked the face across the frame, and took the shot (with the green rectangle still around the face which had turned into profile) the same instant I pressed the shutter. The face was in focus.

The AF system was clearly faster, and more surefooted than the NEX's and A7(r), and seems to be capable of tracking moving subjects. How it really performs in a wide variety of conditions remains to be seen, but it does look like it's the real deal.

YES - it should be tested exactly this way: "I wasn't playing fair" !!! Why? Because finally it can be done - after all that long wait, it seems a good candidate for the AF system that can handle it all, and then some .

Can I ask what was the light like there - the usual combination of the mix of all: tungsten, fluorescent, LED, shadows interspersed with bright patches, etc, etc, = the usual exhibition hall's photogs' worst nightmare?? Or something much more uniform?

good job,


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