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Martin.au wrote:

"Those who can't do, teach." perhaps?

Do you guide your thinking by slogans? Let's hope this is an exception to your characteristic way of thinking, and take my post as  a  response to the many cynical and patronizing posts in this thread.

There are excellent teachers and dreadful teachers. Our disparagement of teaching has hurt us. Our high school seniors are 21st in science and 23rd in math among seniors of other nations.  One reason we can't attract more good people into teaching is that we underpay them and disrespect them. "High school teacher" is a term of disparagement in our society. The atmosphere in our high schools, engendered by the culture of the parents and the community, is bitterly anti-intellectual. Sports are everything and get all the respect. High school teachers and academics generally are accorded less respect and less prestige here in America than in any modern nation.

We especially claim in America that we care about our children. This is patently false. Children are especially vulnerable to bad teaching when they are young and unable to defend themselves psychologically. But  nursery school teachers, and pre-school teachers. who teach our children at their most vulnerable stage of life,  are the lowest paid among all teachers.

This isn't personal bitterness: I went to one of America's great, world famous high schools,  we and our rival school have 13 Nobel Laureates, but we are almost alone culturally among high schools.  I had great teachers, many had  Ph.D.'s, and we  got a great education. But this is a rarity. The tone of the responses in this thread, the patronizing knee-jerk responses, tells us why.

Nicholas Kristoff's article "To professors" in the February 16 New York Times, available for free on the Internet, is something you might want to read. He speaks of he bitter anti-intellectualism that has hurt us as a nation, and tells how academics have contributed to their own irrelevance.

Before  you brush off Kristoff's ideas, look up what he has done as a reporter, in Darfur, Bosnia and other zones of war and genocide. Few could do what he has done and he is respected all over the world.


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