G1X Mark II: "breathtaking dynamic range"?

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Re: Don't believe the hype until we see more....

Thanks everyone who voiced their opinion.

Sounds like consensus is most likely a mild improvement over the status quo.  Reasonable assumption, I think.

Actually, this camera hits some major points for me, that I really want to be able to buy it without any reservations:

1) I like shooting wide angle, wide aperture primes.  24mm eq. f/2 hits this spot.  In fact, I've been waiting for something like a Ricoh GR, Nikon Coolpix A or Fuji X100s with a 24mm eq., f/2.8 or wider aperture lens.  F/2, 24mm eq. is something I really didn't expect in something this size, even if the sensor is a little smaller than those mentioned above.  I looked hard at m4/3 with the 12mm/f2 but the expense just to get 24mm eq. in something that really wouldn't necessarily be that small didn't make sense to me.

2) I don't really use standard zoom lenses on my larger cameras very often.  But I would still like to have a zoom lens on something small and compact that I can carry in addition to another camera, without sacrificing too much in IQ.  I bought the Fuji x20 for this purpose, but the smaller sensor still shows, especially in lower light.  That 24-120mm eq. range hits this spot.

This camera combines #1 and #2 into one camera.  Macro is a bonus and would save me from bringing another lens on the few occasions I would need a macro lens.

For me only four niggles:

1) Status quo on the sensor is not a deal breaker, but if Canon could use a sensor on a par with their competitors, that would make the decision pretty much a "no-brainer", despite my 3 other niggles below.

2) For me (I can see why a others would disagree though), I would prefer an integrated EVF.  But this is also not a deal-breaker.

3) I doubt this camera can be used with Canon's radio wireless flash system.  But if it could, that would erase another minor niggle for me.

4) I would really love it if it were 100g lighter.  But this is really nit-picking in the extreme, given the camera's lens specs.

Guess I will wait for Fuji X30 and Nikon P8000 to be introduced.  If they aren't a whole lot better, than I may go for a G1X2!

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