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Keep it!

NewGirlLiz wrote:

Yikes - I recently bought this book and was about to start reading/studying it. Would it be possible to elaborate on why the book won't make sense, so I can decide whether to attempt to learn from it or take it back to the shop! Thanks!

It is not worth returning it because it is not really that expensive a book to begin with, and it always makes a very nice addition to the coffee table, if you have one. Whether it will or will not make sense is entirely up to how you read it. Many people for example have their pereferable focal lengths and settings, by seeing ceratin images they start remembering how those images were achieved. Clearly this book was written with a full frame format in mind (film cameras most likely). You can of course start multiplying and deviding everything by half, but then you introduce other variables like ISO, distances, motion blur, etc.

Re other areas of the discussion - I'm also attending a photography course and am also the only one using a M4/3 system. The teacher seems quite open to it, and I haven't had any negative comments yet. In fact, during one session on portraits, a couple of the other students remarked on how impressed they were with the quality of the shots I managed to get hand held (with EM1 & 12-40 F2.8 lens) where they had to use a tripod for theirs. A point to both camera and lens I think.

It is not the point if somebody likes it, it is whether you are making a good use of it yourself. It is always easier to learn things when you have the right setup for it, rather than translating and converting it into something like equivalent. And of course it also depends on what exactly your class is about.

Keep the book!

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