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Re: Comparing apples to pinenuts AFAIC- And Reality Too

Jim in Hudson wrote:

Yes, you did flame bait this forum when you titled the thread "Pentax take notice!". And "for those people interested in learning about cameras", everyone here is perfectly capable of navigating this entire website without much assistance.

Pentax Take Notice is reality, not spam. For years Pentax was the crown jewel in providing reasonably priced APS-C DSLR's that were weather resistant (WR) and they carved out a very good niche in that market. They were basically the only one providing WR lens to go along with their cameras. That still holds true today, but, and here is where Pentax should take notice of their competition. Recently, Olympus, Panasonic and Fuji all have released bodes and lens that directly competes with Pentax. Yes, you can say they don't because Pentax cameras are not mirrorless, but I argue that they stand to lose business if they do not up their game. Mirrorless bodies may not be your thing but for many, it makes no difference. And, those people who could have been Pentax purchasers may well end up going to another maker. Myself, I have been with Pentax for a long time, including film cameras and lens. Currently, I own several Pentax cameras, with my latest being the K-01. I had a chance to purchase the K3 and declined. Why? Because my needs have changed and I wanted an articulated screen camera that Pentax did not offer. For my type of shooting, the mirrorless works very well. It is not a shame to shoot with different camera bodies from different camera manufacturers. Cameras are nothing more than tools, so if one tool does not do the job for you then another one will. People will compare the Fuji against the Pentax and will purchase whichever one fits their needs. I think it is a good thing to compare brands. This forum is for talking all things Pentax, and my posting of the Fuji for direct comparison to Pentax was an honest effort to draw attention as to what Pentax's competition is doing. When I looked at the Fuji website I was impressed at just how far Fuji has come in so little time. If I were Pentax, I would be a little concerned from a DSLR point of view. This was the whole point of my posting. And, from seeing other posters it looks like I am not the only one thinking the same.


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