Convince me to jump from Nikon to Fuji

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Re: Convince me to jump from Nikon to Fuji

XE1 and lenses are a great system. XT1 would be more the competitor to the D610.

Sony A7 is the other. If small form factor is the thing then XT1 or Sony A7 are what you should consider.

You know of course you can use all your Nikon lenses on both XT1 and Sony A7. You just need a decent adapter and shoot manually. Both have great manual focus implementations and this is where I find the EVF's are so great - manual focusing. So much easier than with an OVF, others may disagree but it becomes very easy.

The other main thing is size. They are so small and light. So I found myself using the XE1 instead of my D800e for 90% of my photograhy. I am assuming you are an enthusiast rather than a working pro which may have other considerations.

So both the Fuji XT1 and Sony A7 offer great EVFs, great manual focusing tools, the ability to use any brand lens (there are some nice Canon lenses you may like to try), small form and most importantly great IQ. XT1 should be a faster AF than A7 but A7 is fine unless you do a lot of sports.

XT1 seems to do it all and is what I would consider a very mature Fuji X system camera that is going to be hard to fault in any way.


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