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Georg Ucksche wrote:

Clayton1985 wrote:

IMO, the success that we're seeing with some of the latest cameras like the Sony A7r, Olympus E-M1 and the X-T1 will force Canon and Nikon to respond. More than ever before these cameras are being bought not only as a supplement to DSLRs but as complete replacements.

Nice idea. But I am not sure how big the success will be really in the end. What camera do costumers (globally) buy more: A EOS 5dIII, 6d, 700d, a Nikon d610, Df, d7100, or an A7(r), X-T1, X-E2, etc...?

In Europe and the US, mirrorless have a market share of 10%.

That is very (!!!!) little, seen the number of manufacturers (Sony, Oly, Fuji, Panasonic) and compared to the fact the the rest (90%) is mainly Canon and Nikon.

I agree that Canon and Nikon show themselves clueless about how the future of cameras should be. They continue to offer a solution that is basically 50y ears old - an SLR. No sign of innovation since many years.

I hope that Fujis' efforts pay off in the sense that innovation - in the long run - will end up convincing the market more than stagnation.

Canon and NIkon realls offer little more than stand- still.

Agreed, and the Fuji reps comments really strike home on why Nikon and Canon have been successful in the US.  They are intentionally not acknowledging mirrorless cameras as serious tools.  I kind of thought the EOS-M was a way to sabotage the market, downplay it with a terrible camera (in focus speed) so people will think mirrorless cameras are bad, and the Nikon 1 is fine, but again, not at all competition for larger sensor cameras.

However, long term I think this will completely backfire on Canon/Nikon as people will realize mirrorless are serious competitors and they will have no where to turn but away from Canon/Nikon.


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