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57LowRider wrote:


What caught my eye:

X-T1 "Initial demand is roughly twice what we’d planned, so we’re increasing the capacity at our factory as much as possible, at least for the next few months."

The initial demand of the X-T1 being twice (not 50% more) what Fujifilm expected seems to say a lot about folks liking the "huge" electronic viewfinder that has minimal lag time.

Personally, when I decided to upgrade to a large sensor camera (micro 4/3 and larger):

  • A large EVF was a must have on my list. (A live histogram display in the viewfinder is a must have for me.)
  • The "thin" body style was second on my list.
  • I assumed that image quality from any brand (with a good lens) would meet my expectations.
  • When I learned about "shutter shock blur" (SSB) affecting micro 4/3 cameras, that shot up to the top of my list of "must not occur" on the camera I buy. Enter the X-T1 (based on the other APS-C 16MP sensor Fujifilm cameras not exhibiting SSB.)
  • Instant manual control of "Exposure compensation" was high on my list.
  • All the rest of the manual controls on the X-T1 ticks my "wants" list.

I think mirrorless with fast, large view EVFs will displace mirrored with optical VFs eventually. Not right away but "slowly but surely" as EVFs improve even more.

Fujifilm needs to improve their external flash to pro level as well as keep expanding their lens offerings. Lack of a pro level flash will stop many pros from switching to Fuji until it happens.


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