Convince me to jump from Nikon to Fuji

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Re: Approach it from the other side

nixda wrote:

After getting responses here, you could approach it from the other side: post threads in the Nikon and Sony forums with the request for people to talk you out of getting into the Fuji X-system Fuji. You should be getting a lot of interesting and useful responses

It doesn't work!, I am doing the exact same thing (except for rather than coming from Nikon FF I am trying to avoid it)... I posted in the nikon forum that I lurked in for 3+ years. In the Canon forum, and this forum. The problem with all of you guys is you are so damn excited about all the cameras.

The more and more I read the crazier I get about the choice. It is really tough call for me between a D610, a 70D, and an XT1 and so far I am not convinced on just one.

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