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Re: J1-> J3 /= progress

rube39 wrote:

She is a purist who refuses to use burst modes or continuous modes.


I am reminded of the Princess Bride quote "I do not think that word means what you think it means...". Either way though, that is the only correct solution: you have to switch to continuous mode. Then, even though the preview is still shown it just flashes instantaneously before the next frame is taken at the prescribed framerate (5 fps on the V1 with the manual shutter, isn't it?).

The V1 in continuous is very fast, with a huge buffer. It's a lot of fun in continuous mode. The "image revue" essentially ends up as a monitor of the EVF output in real time. The only "consumer-level" feature crippling is that once you take your finger off the trigger you must wait until the buffer clears to disk before you can shoot at such a high burst rate again. You can take pictures, but its a much lower framerate, 1-2 fps if memory serves.

You can leave the camera in continuous mode, if it must absolutely be available without a setting change ... there's no disadvantage to doing this, just have to be a little light on the shutter normally to avoid multiple exposures~

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