Fuji XT-1- Pentax Take Notice!

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Re: Fuji XT-1- Pentax Take Notice!

I've a K5 and and XE-1. Both cameras are capable and endearing machines in their own way. Each company brings its own philosophy and features to its products and there is a lot to like about both. In each case it is clear that they are products with input from people who know and love photography. Both have their own innovations and way of doing things. It's nice to have both!

I don't think the K3 loses out to the XT-1 in any way - they both have their different strengths and weaknesses. At present I might edge towards a K3 - but that's because I feel that mirror less has more scope for more rapid advances, since it is more 'electronic'.

What I do like about Fuji is that they do seem very customer focussed - they listen hard to what people want and say, and they have been brilliant in supporting older models and improving them even as they bring out new ones. Such a contrast to Sony, for instance. They've also developed a coherent lens system in a short time with a clear roadmap for the future, which Ricoh would do well to copy. But ti hasn't been without its mistakes - optically very good, but with different handling characteristics sometimes, underpowered AF motors etc. They themselves admit they need to refresh the lineup.

Ultimately, both companies bring a lot to photography and I very much hope both survive and thrive and it would be a shame to lose either or them.


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