Nikon D600, D610 : the enthusiasm gap

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Richard Murdey
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Nikon D600 : revenge of the daffodils

Went back and retook the test between the D600 and D200 at base ISO. This time with the tripod. The the lighting was varying, I balanced it out by eye in ViewNX.

So this is as close as I can make the two images, color-wize. Did my best to normalize the DOF by taking the FX result at 50 mm and F8, with the DX result at 35 mm and F5.6. COme to think of it I could have used the same lens and run the D600 in DX crop, but that would seem to give an unfair handicap to the D600.



I should add that while its relatively straightforward to make the D200 color look like the D600, the other direction - trying to get the D200 color from the D600 - is really hard since the Mode I and Mode III profiles are not available either in camera or in ViewNX.

Judge as you will. I slightly prefer the D600 result here, but really its close to identical to my eye.

(There is about 10 cm difference in the focus, unfortunately, the D200 ended up focussed on the rear daffodil, the D600 on the front one. Sorry...)

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