ZS40/TZ60 vs the competition

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Re: ZS40/TZ60 vs the competition

21st Hermit wrote:

I think we have a divergence of the market. The ZS40 is clearly a Travel-Zoom, a market Panasonic invented some years ago, to be a T-Z a GPS is essential for POIs, maps, geotagging, logging, etc. The SX700 is a Pocket-Super-Zoom without a GPS. While a T-Z can be a P-S-Z, a P-S-Z cannot be a T-Z. Perhaps Canon intends to abandon the T-Z market, for sure if the SX700 is the replacement for the SX280.

Clearly, as you point out, the SX700 is a high end P-S-Z with WiFi and NFC. I see the SX700 as a price leader, given that GPS requires an expensive 3rd party chip which greatly increases the selling price. If no SX290 emerges, then we'll know.

Yes I want a T-Z, just as you appear to want a P-S-Z.

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Lost in the Colorado Mountains!!!

Thanks for clarifying, and I appreciate that in 2014 a “travel zoom” could well be considered to imply GPS. However, at the start of the Panasonic TZ series they were not what you call “T-Z” models. They were only “P-S-Z” models back then. The TZ1 in 2006 didn’t have GPS, and it wasn’t until 2009 with the ZS7 that GPS was introduced.

Anyway I can understand that being a map-maker you would certainly find it essential to have GPS, and I’m sure your signature is “tongue-in-cheek”, and that you would never be “Lost in the Colorado Mountains”!

Not being familiar with GPS at all, I wondered whether it is possible, if someone did have a Canon SX700 HS, which has Wifi and NFC but not GPS, to be able to use it in conjunction with a portable device or phone, which they might also find it necessary to have with them on a hike/trip, which had GPS? (Sorry if this is a silly question.)


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