X-S1 | lens drop / lens creep (small tip)

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Re: X-S1 | lens drop / lens creep (small tip)

PAUL TILL wrote:

texasfz8 wrote:


I also ended up shimming my lens. Not that the images were bad. It just felt better. I used a Pendeflex file folder and cut a 78mm x 178 mm piece out which I wiggled down past the seals. You can just see 1mm peeking out in the photo so I can retrieve it if necessary. The plastic shim still allows for smooth zoom action. This has greatly reduced the lens droop, but I still have creep. That I can live with.


I feel for the person who gets it after you, it's gonna creep even worse now you've compressed the rubber seal.

I very much doubt either of you get any benefit from doing this as it will still rock on the seal, you need the shim to fit between the lens barrel and the housing (without going under the rubber seal).

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I chose to shim mine and when it come time to pass the XS1 on, I'll take the financial hit with the knowledge that I have disclosed what I did, why I did it and how it performed afterwards.

The shim reduces the space between the outer diameter of the 'seal' and the barrel, since friction between that seal and the barrel are a major source of the lens resistance to creep...it does work.

Is your #33 any sharper or have better af than your original?


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