Fuji XT-1- Pentax Take Notice!

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Re: Comparing apples to pinenuts AFAIC

grcolts wrote:

Never said DSLR's are dead and speculation never hurt anyone. Plus, am not trying to get anyone to jump ship and purchase mirrorless. Don't know where you got that? Future sales will tell whether or not my speculation of loss Pentax revenue due to their competition providing features not yet available through Pentax will prove me wrong or not. It is interesting to take blinders off and look at what the rest of the world is doing though. I am a DSLR shooter myself but also shoot with a mirror less so know strengths and weaknesses of each. My post was an observation and a question, nothing more and nothing less. Cheers.

I agree, the X-T1 is exactly the camera I have been wanting from Pentax for some time.  A nice quality mirrorless camera.  This is exactly the problem with pre-existing systems.  They are afraid of changing anything and making their customer base mad.  This is understandable, but at the same time is if there is a technology change (Mirrorless), the existing companies sometimes have a hard time coming up with new products for the new market (K-01 for example, nice attempt but not exactly a market success, and not what I was looking for).

People saying it isn't at all similar are dead wrong in ways.  The K-3 will obviously grab market of people looking for DSLR, but not everyone is.  Some just want small high quality camera with some excellent high quality lenses available and the X-T1 is the same price range as K-3 and will entice some buyers that would otherwise buy Pentax.

I don't care if Pentax doesn't go after mirrorless market besides Q, but it also means I am buying other cameras.  Nothing personal.  The other camera I wouldn't mind Pentax making is a K-1 with full frame, but no larger than the K-3.  Maybe drop IBIS/SR if they have to in order to keep the small size.  I think this would fit many of the existing users needs, and also draw new users to the system if done right (they already have 3+ excellent compact full frame large aperture lenses).


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