1.4 / 58 hast just been tested on Lenstip

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Re: list of the other reviews - all of them tell more or less the same:

Stacey_K wrote:

valdazis wrote:





none of them give excellent value... for £1599 - no more comments

*sigh* of course it isn't a "good value".

I guess you missed quotes like " For applications such as environmental portraits or low-light shooting at large apertures, it's superb." etc. Total fail test sites like slrgear and lenstip measure sharpness and a couple of other "attributes" and assign a rating based on that oh and heavily weigh in the price. A photographer would "value" a lens like this, a techy gear head who loves to pixel peep at the minimum money spent won't.

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do you own a photo gear test lab? or work in one? How do you know which test sites are "total fail" which ones are not? Have you inspected them? what are you basing your statements about this lens on...?

oh, and most of these reviews state that it exactly under performs in low light and at large apertures, so kinda denies your quote *sigh*

I am no techy gear head, but I like to know everything possible about the product I am going to buy so I read reviews and compare non processed samples, that's how I make my conclusions, basing on the information provided by different and competent sources.

I see that your opinion is more based on emotions related to company's legacy, price pressure and thinking that expensive product should be good, when in reality it is not. And it's very understandable, because Nikon is a reputable company and people who invested in their products believe in it, but if Nikon continue with this attitude we will surely see the consequences in the future.

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