20mm f1.7 for Night-time Street Photography

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Re: 20mm f1.7 for Night-time Street Photography

Conor OBrien wrote:

Thanks for the replies.

Well I would plan to shoot at f1.7 and iso 1600 to allow me to select a fast shutter speed to capture people walking as sharp as I can.

The main negative of this lens appears to be with the autofocus speed. I have read on other threads that there are two things that don't help with this: The first is that this lens works better on Panasonic bodies, and secondly that newer bodies help the focus where as the focus is slower on older bodied. Can anyone confirm this? And also, the G5 is over 3 years old now, would it be seen as an old body?

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I do not want to clatter this reply with night shots samples, but I want to mention that I began using 1.7/20 on G1 body that is oldest in M43 rilm.

Use smallest AF box (single point) and focus on something bright and contrasty that nearby; lock focus (keep shutter half pressed) and move camera on your subject. It is very easy to learn and implement.

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Camera in bag tends to stay in bag...

This may sounds like a stupid question: Regarding the smallest square of the single point focus you mentioned, for example if I were to focus on a wall in front of me and used the largest square focus area on the center of the wall and compared it to the exact same shot, except using the smallest square focus are on the center of the wall, would the areas in focus be the same?

I want to know whether it creates a smaller area of focus or is it simply used to pinpoint a specific area to focus on that a larger square couldn't specify?
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