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Re: Fuji XT-1 or....

I had a D800e for a year and a half. Loved it. But I got an XE1 because I was drawn to the Fuji colours.

It was not only colour its also the white balance engine, the jpeg engine and the ergonomics and IQ.

Nikon white balance was not so impressive on D800e. Indoors under artificial lighting I found it would not do well. Fuji X by comparison nailed it each time.

Last year I went on a long travel holiday and I took the XE1 over the D800e after considering it for some time. It ended up being a great decision and I was very happy with the images. I don't feel I missed a single image that the D800e would have gotten except perhaps a couple of nightscapes the D800e is better at.

I find there was far less fiddle factor with the XE1 to get the good shot compared to my D800e which I tended to adjust and fiddle. D800e is really a pro camera so its not that user friendly for the casual shot.

But the weight, size, cost of the lenses and sheer bulk made the XE1 the way better choice.

Additionally I like an EVF for being able to zoom in and critically examine an image whilst at a tourist location to see if its a good image even in bright sunlight. DSLR LCD is nowhere nearly as good for this and you get home only to find some missed that you though were fine.

I'd give the XE1 an 8 out of 10. AF could be faster, tracking is not really there. XE2 is probably better and from all accounts it sounds XT1 has finally given us a good AF system to at least match some DSLRs even if the best DSLRs may still have an edge.

I went to some caves last year also. One cave I took the D800e and 24-70. Later I took the XE1 and 28-55 zoom. The XE1 way outperformed the D800e for best images. It nailed it many times. The D800e lacked often. The sweep panorama function of the XE1 worked a treat in some areas of the caves.

I prefer Fuji lenses over Nikon's generally speaking. They are all metal, have aperture rings, don't use polycarbonate and optically they are often superior not to mention smaller, lighter and cost half or less than their Nikon counterparts.


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