Fuji XT-1- Pentax Take Notice!

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Re: Comparing apples to pinenuts AFAIC

newmikey wrote:

My post was an observation and a question, nothing more and nothing less. Cheers.

No, your post was unnecessary and baseless guesswork, based on vapor. It is like saying that because a Kwasaki motorcycle has been released with certain advanced characteristics, car manufacturers will lose sales in future.

What exactly was your observation in your original post, beyond "Fuji is doing some innovative things I wish Pentax/Ricoh would start to do too"? That's not an observation, that's just flamebait.

As to your question, the answer is a resounding "NO". If Pentax loses sales, there could be a gazillion reasons but the one you pointed out would be about the most unlikely one.

Beyond that, the whole brand-thing is getting old around here. You get a camera that does what you need from a brand that provides those options. You stick around for a bit because you have invested in lenses. At any future date you might find the feature-set you need in another brand which is equally desirable and you get into that.

Fuji and Pentax are 2 such brands, they both try to use a common manufacturing base in China, Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia with identical or very similar components to create shareholder value. Whether one or the other makes money and stays in business or not is about as important as which brand coffeemachine you have in your kitchen.

I am not going to argue with you. Life is too short. Here is the link again to the Fuji for those people interested in learning about cameras, in this case a WR body with some very nice features. It is not a Pentax, it is a Fuji. You don't have to buy it but you don't have to trash others you enjoy new technology, whether Pentax or not. That is my conclusion to your suggestion that I flame baited this forum. That is my opinion and you do not have to agree but you don't have to be rude either.

Nuff said.


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