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Meuh, I just got a DP3m delivered yesterday, havent had a chance to use it at all yet, but my experience from previous Sigma cameras I think it should do well in the studio environment. Yes they are slower than the alternatives out there but that can be an advantage in the studio environment where you may want to take more time than say a sports shooting environment where you really wouldn't have the time to design a shot. In a studio you have access to lights and props etc that allow you so much control, sigmas tend to thrive in that slowed down environment where the camera person in control of all the elements.

Off topic, I couldn't help but see the kirky studio on one of the photographs which got me curious enough to look you up, my mother many years ago used to have a salon in the same arcade as your business. Curiously enough it was her experience there that upon returning to the UK after 5 years in the US that has set me on the path to looking to find a similar place here in London where I can set up my own little studio similar in set up to your own. And yes I will be looking to use Sigmas for that. With good lighting, these cameras excel. Try it out, the DP3m is cheap enough now to at least give it a shot.


That's pretty awesome that your mother had a place in the same arcade as me :).

I got the unit in October but only got to open in January as their was a lot of work needed, knocking down walls and rebuilding walls and such to make the space into a studio, its still not perfect as its a little odd in shape and has an air vent running though it but I make it work and also rent it out to others so their is something else in the community for people to use.

Yeah those units are a weird shape, my mother had one of the middle units when she moved in at first, before moving to a bigger unit at the bottom end, before she bought a shop out into the main street. But when I had to reassess the direction of my life I started looking back to how she started out on her own in that arcade and the potential it had as a studio, units are maybe less than ideal in shape, but the rent is cheap and I can even see potential in the odd shape for different types of shooting.

Pretty much everything I shoot (except when I'm covering events) is at iso 80 as that's were I get the best out of my k5, and all of my shots either in the studio or out of the studio tend to be set up so speed isn't an issue, I was just a little worried about changing workflow's as I have tried using pentax software for photos as well as nikon (when I had a d3) but never really enjoyed having extra steps and I'm just used to using lr.

You will have to change your workflow for sure, unfortunately adobe has decided not to put effort into recognising the raw files of the latest sigma cameras, where as they did so previously. I have always found that Sigma Photo Pro handled the raw files nicely, and hadn't bother to upgrade photoshop for quite a few generations.

I did just upgrade my computer and take advantage of the lower photoshop and lightroom subscription offer so I will have to start processing the Raw files into Tiffs to see what effect Lightroom and Photoshop will have. Not sure I'm looking forward to renewing my acquaintance with that sort of workflow, so i get your pain, even if I am looking at it from the other side.

I contacted Sigma and they said I could borrow a camera for 3 days from a store in Glasgow, but with the price being so low atm and having an £80 gift card for SRS I'm thinking I should jump on it before they go away or the price goes up as £350 for a nice 50mm lens itself is good never mind a whole camera.

It would be nice to have the set tbh but I couldn't afford that atm, the 19mm lens with fast sync speed would make it much easier for me to control light in an environmental portraits and I have a few student's wanting to do outdoor work for there graded units.

I was thinking about selling the k5 and getting the k3 but it still has the same sync speed and I use my k5 for video at times because of its shake reduction which in the k3 switches from mechanical to electronic adding another 1.2 crop factor and increasing the jellow effect.

IQ wise it will resolve a bit more than my k5 but at the expense of noise/lower dynamic range so when I seen the dp3, the price and the IQ improvements it would bring (closer to MF than anything else) I got tempted.

Thank you everyone for the response and I can see me ordering one soon once I get "wife" approval.

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