WARNING: issues with B&H and A7

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Re: WARNING: issues with B&H and A7

Take your pick:

1. A retailer that charges 15% restocking fees for any return, unless defective. Years ago, I bought a PC from Circuit City. Found that boot up time was VERY slow and it froze at times. Went to return the next day. The poor specimen of a customer service manager argued for one hour and charged me 15% return fee. Needless to say, I never went back there again.

2. A retailer that will allow you to return your equipment within a certain time period, for any reason, no questions asked. Sometimes things may slip through but they will make it right.

B&H falls in the latter category. Talk to their customer service and they will make it right. I have spent $$$s with them over the years and whenever there was an issue, they made it right. Once a memory card I bought from them turned out to be DOA. Brand new, sealed. They mailed a replacement to me and I did not even had to ship the defective one back. Excellent customer service.

Part of the problem is created by consumers who buy to "try" and then return it for reasons other than it being defective. What are the retailers supposed to do? Take a loss on every non-defective return? Or, charge a restocking fee?

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