20mm f1.7 for Night-time Street Photography

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Re: 20mm f1.7 for Night-time Street Photography

Conor OBrien wrote:

I am planning on purchasing the 20mm f/1.7 prime lens for my Panasonic Lumix DMC-G5.

I am wondering will I encounter any problems with this lens at night time if I want to photograph cars and people as sharp images with no blur. If so, are there any other recommended lens that are more suited for this or will I be successful with the 20mm?

Shooting moving objects at nighttime is a challenge with any lens. You have to deal with three limits: ISO, aperture, and how fast the objects moves in the frame.

In a later post, you've said that your max ISO will be 1600.

If your lens would have a wide max aperture (like a Voigtlänger lens at F/0.95), you'll have the best shutter speed. However, the DOF will be razor thin if the subject is relatively near.

So the max aperture of the Lumix 20mm (or the M.Zuiko 17mm) is probably the best compromise between DOF and shutter speed. But don't expect fast moving objects to be sharp.

Nankin Street, Shanghai

Canada Pavillon, Expo 2010 (Shanghai)

Old Montréal

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