45/1.8 cheap

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Re: 45/1.8 cheap

tt321 wrote:

Skeeterbytes wrote:

As a 45 user I can highly recommend it. The Sigmas get enthusiastic reviews, so there's probably no bad choice--which focal length do you prefer?

It's the old FL histogram again. Had an analysis of my shots with the 45-175. Quite dense between 45 and 65. The 45 has a big spike, but I suspect that's mostly because I am too lazy to change lens.

No real preference. Interesting.

How's the 45 as a close-up lens with either tubes or close-up 'filter' type adapters?

Have not tried it as a true close-up lens, only capitalized on the speed for subject isolation. It's actually a challenge to do so in sunlight, as it takes a fast shutter/low ISO or ND filter to open it wide. Even so, it does a pretty good job.

Sierra wildflowers.



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