Misinformation about m4/3

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Wait for medium format - then there will be real misinformation

Ron Outdoors wrote:

Funny how old the concept is in photography. I remember decades ago that 35mm was considered somewhat for amateurs. I envied the pro studio photographers with their 2 1/4 roll film Hasselblads and could see how the focal length requirement of their lenses changed. Then I took a photo course one semester using a 4X5 field camera. Required another shift in thinking about focal lengths, image circle and field of view. A good learning experience.

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So what crop factor will medium format have when it hits the popular public use trail?  Or will users of medium format just read the focal length of their lenses of the the lens body and happily compare this to the focal length of everything else which is at present related back to 135 film standards on pretty well every lens in the pack.  The 135 film standard has become the standard reference for how any lens might make an image.   Consequently any M4/3 lens is quite happily converted by the multiple of 2.0 to give its user some idea of how it might compare to an aps-c image which is also converted by a factor of (usually) 1.5 to give a mental common reference point.

On the other hand I am a bit surprised at how the M4/3 crowd have rallied around and had a free kick at an instructor who may well have not been on quite the same wavelength as the OP.  In which case they were both right but on slightly different definition of what the precise subject was about.

As we only have one side of the argument I have on another post to this thread tried to see the instructor's point of view.  Not being there is a hinderance but reading between the lines maybe the instructor and the OP were both reasonably correct but talking about slightly different things.  That there was a lack of understanding and suitable explanations by both sides may have been the real problem (said with respect).

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