D610 and "D" lenses - how compatible?

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Ray Sachs
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Re: D610 and "D" lenses - how compatible?

sgoldswo wrote:

Your two last questions are easy enough to answer as yes to both, but as someone who sold his D600 to buy his Df, I'm in two minds as to what to tell you to do here. Nothing wrong with the D600/10 really:

Pros: a great sensor, light, small (for a DSLR), and works well. For me an additional plus was that it had the same batteries as the D800E I also own.

Right, I'm assuming it's about a wash in terms of size and weight, based on everything I've seen.

Cons: It wasn't a Df! It had conventional controls, it didn't have the Df sensor, it didn't have the D800 AF (but neither did the Df), he AA sensor seemed much stronger than the equivalent on the Sony cameras that use the same sensor (RX1 etc).

The controls I'm pretty sure I'd be OK with, the AF for sure I'd be OK with. The sensor is the only question and the AA filter is a piece of information I hadn't really considered, so that's helpful. On the one hand, it means it might do better with the D lenses. OTOH, it doesn't move as much closer to the RX1 in terms of pop/sharpness.

The cons are all quibbling really - the D600 is a great camera. The real reason I went for the Df is that it had better high ISO ability and the dial based controls. It basically replaced both my D600 and my X-Pro1. In the months of use since though, I've come to appreciate the quality of the 16mp sensor more and more. Leica should have used it in the M240 - the images are simply beautiful.

Yeah, I like that sensor a lot already. I'm just not sure I wouldn't like the D610 sensor a bit better in good light, and a bit less in low light. But the lenses might negate, at least partially, any advantage in good light. As might the AA filter.

As to using D lenses, which are traditionally a bit weaker in the corners, yes, a higher MP sensor shows that a bit more (some of them look really weak on my D800E). If that's really an issue (and cost is too) a second hand D700 (which is still a fine camera, if a bit larger) would look even better with the D lenses than the Df. If you are tempted to buy a D610 and might use something other than D lenses the recent G 18-35 (not the old version) rocks on the D600/10.

I'm pretty sure I'm either going with the Df or D610 - I don't want to go backwards a generation in sensor and high ISO capability. And while the D700 looks similar in terms of size, it appears to be notably heavier than either the Df or 610...

Thanks for your thoughts Simon. As someone who's shot a lot of the same gear I have, it's quite helpful...


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