Fuji XT-1- Pentax Take Notice!

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Re: Comparing apples to pinenuts AFAIC

newmikey wrote:

I see this camera taking away Pentax sales in the near future. Am I the only one who feels Pentax needs to up their game?

I do not see the need for such a comparison to begin with. The XT1 plays in an entirely different field and will certainly attract its own crowd - it is an excellent piece of hardware with what looks like some nice glass available in a future roadmap. There will always be people migrating between mirrorless and DSLR both ways, but they are two so totally different shooting experiences that I honestly doubt whether what you say is true.

It gets boring to see the relentless "DSLR" is dead posts around here. You want to get a mirrorless? Stop trying to justify spending the money on one to yourself and your wife/parents/kids, get one and leave DSLR shooters alone will ya?

Never said DSLR's are dead and speculation never hurt anyone. Plus, am not trying to get anyone to jump ship and purchase mirrorless. Don't know where you got that? Future sales will tell whether or not my speculation of loss Pentax revenue due to their competition providing features not yet available through Pentax will prove me wrong or not. It is interesting to take blinders off and look at what the rest of the world is doing though. I am a DSLR shooter myself but also shoot with a mirror less so know strengths and weaknesses of each. My post was an observation and a question, nothing more and nothing less. Cheers.


So what features does pentax not have? I have a fujix100s which I love but I can't see pentax loosing sales to the xt, compared to the k3 its not same type of camera
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