A77: why long lenses seem to be so out resolved?

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Re: A77: why long lenses seem to be so out resolved?

JimmyMelbourne wrote: This is also due to the evidence that these longer lenses are all not providing the resolution that would warrant the investment when considering aps-c cameras in A Mount.

Do they uncheck dro? Is nr set to low?-When testing the lenses resolution these two factors alone will rob native resolution with every lens.

What evidence about not providing the resolution?

This is a resized jpeg..then 100% crop no edit-ny evidence a hair is missing here? The lens is a touch sharper stopped down 1 more. 300mm and i believe many 70-400g owners/users can show you even more. So with 24mp sensors resolving every hair on sparrow or cardinal ect. at seventeen feet that belief holds no substance.

Granted shorter focal length prime lenses are generally going to be sharper but try shooting wildlife  or kids on the soccer field or  an indoor basketball game with a 50 1.4 or so. See how much upscaling is going to do for you in those case..Thank you-brian

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