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Maybe you were not so far apart, just talking in different languages

El Chubasco wrote:

I am taking a photography workshop and las night I found myself in a funny or frustrating situation. First, the group is about 15 people and of course, I am the only one who uses a m4/3 camera. Everyone else in the room uses nikon or canon.

Lets deconstruct the words:

Well, the funny thing started when the instructor stated that crop factor does not apply to APS sensors when you use APS designed lens.

Something I never thought about - a lens designed for aps-c will vignette on a FF sensor but I still think that an aps-c lens of 18mm would be about 28mm based on the 135mm film frame standard, but correctly not cropping the image circle on an aps-c sensor.

In other words, he stated that the 18mm lens of an APS canikon covers the exact same angle as if using a full frame 18mm lens in a FF camera.

He might be right here - I don't think he was talking about the crop factor here.

I tried to explain that the 18 lens in APS sensor would be close to a 28mm of FF but he refused to believe me.

Isn't this the effective magnification of the image caused by the crop factor  itself? There is bound to be an argument if the minds are thinking of different things.

When I said that I use m4/3 as an example to make my point (multiplying focal length by 2) he said "well, with a micro 4/3 you have a real problem" making everyone believe that m4/3 cameras actually pose problems for photographers.

I can't speak to the situation but the "real problem" is that the crop factor is 2x and it is that much harder to find made for 135 film lenses to work as wide angle. On this subject the Pentax Q has an even bigger problem.  But the mmanufacturers of new lenses seem to be able to cope with this and new oem wide lenses have appeared.  Therefore the the main part of the problem is in re-cycling legacy MF lenses when it might be hard to find a suitable one for use as a wide-wide.  The problem with aps-c is just that much bigger with M4/3.

The discussion went on and it deviated in something else. I just learned that some old-fashion pros who have always used FF have no idea of what cropping factor means and how lenses compensate to sensor's size. Even worse, people have the conviction that m4/3 are "problematic" and make believe other the same. Anyway, I do not know where I am going with this, perhaps I am just venting.

Yes and M4/3 type is a great sensor size but the Pentax Q is not problematic either for those that use it.

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