Problems with a7 that need firmware update

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Re: AF Light not working with Alpha glass is huge....

viking79 wrote:

Dustinash wrote:

-the autofocus assist DOES NOT work with flashes, when you mount a sony flash and are using standard FE-mount lenses, the camera will still try and use its awful orange light instead of the much subtler red grid from the flash. AF assist light will not work at all with alpha glass.

This is a huge oversight, and the first thing I noticed. It renders the LAEA4 partially pointless, since the native E glass will autofocus in lower light since it uses the assist light.

The LAEA4 is only useful for medium light, which isn't why I bought the thing. I wanted to be able to replace my A99, which is not possible because of this oversight.


I couldn't have said it better Eric.  I was looking for the perfect hybrid.  A camera I could shrink down and use small lenses when I wanted portability and pocket ability and subtlety and a camera that can beef up via the adapter and grip into an SLR camera.

Currently this problem is made drastically worse because the a7 (and worse still is the a7r) have poor, and I do mean POOR, low light focusing capability.  It is about equivalent to my cel phones.

This could be mitigated for pro shooters by having a great AF assist system such as the one flashes that is red hatched grid (and also on the a99). This grid system is excellent because it is very subtle and it helps the camera lock focus fast.

Right now I cannot use this camera as a low light event camera (Such as a wedding).  I will miss the shots of fast movement in low light.

Instead of hybridizing beautifully between alpha and FE I find I have a very "LOUD" low light camera with FE GLASS (No, not the shutter sound, the god awful glaring orange light which doesn't even work well to assist focus but gets subjects squinting at you in alarm).   And an altogether crippled autofocus with Alpha GLASS.  I would go so far as to say in low light you currently have to manual focus your alpha lenses and on some lenses such as the 24-70 f2.8 manual focusing is very difficult and slow because of the lens throw.  Maybe if they had the auto magnify option for alpha lenses it would be better but even then I would want to be able to turn that function off via one of the buttons.

On that note Sony did a SUPERB job of button layout and customizability.  On that front alone this is still the best camera I have EVER owned.  That said it is still halfway between a leica (superb optical quality and sheer manual focus) and a DSLR.

But I love it.  Its rad.  They seriously need to fix that AF flash AF assist interface tho.  And fix the overheat issue on the HVL-f60M as well.  That flash is currently an overheating toy not a pro flash.

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