DPR Hates Criticism... Locked

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In another forum posting complaints about Pentax reviews

Of course they take it down!   It is spamming another forum with this silliness...
Look at me, Look at me...  I own Pentax and nobody treats me fair.   
After 10 years on this forum and owning Pentax, the need to have our choice legitimized by others still makes me laugh.  
Anyone who wanted the K3 probably already has it.  Anyone sitting on the fence waiting for a DPR review is probably not going to buy it.   And no review is going to get people to up and change systems, unless they got money out the asp...  
And all DPR is going to get after the review is more "But what about this, why didn't you test it this way"  Bla bla bla
go take some photo

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"It is not necessary to understand things in order to argue about them."
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