LX7/LVF2 ?

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Re: LX7/LVF2 ?

I just received a used LVF2 from B&H,  when using the camera on IA the aperture may go up to f2.8 but then if I go to Manual or aperture priority the aperture will sometimes not open back up to f1.4 but it will stop down normally.  Turning the camera off and back on seems to restore it back to normal,  and I never had this problem without the LVF2.

Is this normal or should I return it?


I also use the LX7 and LVF2 and have never had the latter do anything but reflect what would otherwise be on the lcd; it's just an alternative monitor so hard to understand how this is possible, though as the previous poster said strange things happen. Since the problem started, have you tried to replicate without the LVF2 attached? Perhaps the camera is just glitchy. Not sure if there is a firmware update for the LX7, but if there is, you might try that (analagous to rebooting a glitchy computer). You might even try to reload the current firmware if there is not update, though I'm not sure the camera will allow that. Personally, the last thing I'd do is give up on the viewfinder, which I find both wonderful and indespensible.

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