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Re: FF DSLR / SLR lenses on APS-C = sharp

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Coming from Fuji, I could be interested in the new A6000. It has lot's of features really interesting (more mp, high AF coverage, zebra...). You won't be surprised if I tell you that the problem is the lens...

I could be interested in Sony if they had a roadmap for APS-C E mount lenses. If my understanding is correct, they will only invest in FE mount lenses which are compatible with APS-C. The problem is that it is better to use lenses designed for APS--C, you have more resolution.

What are your expectations if you have a Sony APS-C ?

The problem, if there is one, is not with the resolution of FE lenses used with APSc bodies, but rather with the availability of appropriate APSc focal lengths . FF lenses likely to be expensive too, although we have seen Sony up the tab on APSc lenses too.

You are loosing resolution (and light) unless you use a system like a speed booster to adapt the FE lenses. I don't know if it exists.

Why would you use light and speed? They will behave the same.

You crop the image circle. So you waste a part of the image (light + resolution)

A lens designed for aps-c will have a smaller image circle, but sharper in density. This is always better to have a lens designed for the sensor size, unless you have an adapter like a speed booster.

I don't use anything but lenses made for FF cameras

If there's an issue using them, I've yet to see it. How sharp with resolution ??

So using FF lens and full image

Then a fairly tight crop

Again, FF lens and full un-cropped shot

Fairly tight crop again form the above shot

Trust me, if they were not sharp using FF lenses, I wouldn't be using an APS-C sensor.

All the best.


Very nice. Which MF lens did you use for these?

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