Mirrorless follow-up to the D800?

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Mirrorless follow-up to the D800?

I had the D800 and the f/2.8 zooms.  It was a great setup.  However, I became increasingly concerned about softness due to focus-shift of some lenses and the AF-system not being quite up to the 36MP sensor: the tolerances being quite unforgiving.

I sold the zooms and was evaluating some primes.  I really wanted to consider some manual focus lenses, but felt the OVF would make it too difficult to be practical for me.

I gave the Sony A7r a try.  It's a nice camera with its own flaws.  It's nice to have a high IQ walk-about camera, but I think with lenses longer than 50mm, the size/weight is more about the lens than the camera.  Plus, I enjoy the look and feel of the D800.

But it got me thinking, especially now that on-sensor phase-detect AF is available:  just add that to the D800 along with a great EVF and improved LCD and you've got it all.  As long as the on-sensor PDAF has full coverage of the frame and the processor is fast enough, it would eliminate the issue of focus shift and make manual focus almost enjoyable.

Anyone else interested in mirrorless in a D800 form-factor so they can use the best lens system with improved Auto-focus and Manual-focus capabilities?

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Yes, an f-mount mirrorless body would be great if it provided on sensor phase detect that improved AF along with a great EVF for improved MF
50% 30  votes
No, I don't like the idea of an EVF but the AF system does need improvement.
15% 9  votes
No, I don't want an EVF and the AF system works just fine.
35% 21  votes
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