Sony a6000 h lens roadmap

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Re: Sony a6000 h lens roadmap

Christof21 wrote:


Coming from Fuji, I could be interested in the new A6000. It has lot's of features really interesting (more mp, high AF coverage, zebra...). You won't be surprised if I tell you that the problem is the lens...

I could be interested in Sony if they had a roadmap for APS-C E mount lenses. If my understanding is correct, they will only invest in FE mount lenses which are compatible with APS-C. The problem is that it is better to use lenses designed for APS--C, you have more resolution.

What are your expectations if you have a Sony APS-C ?

I think generally FF lenses will be higher resolving than native APSC lenses an a NEX  and should perform better on a NEX.  If you look at many of the reviews of NEX lenses carried out on NEX7 you invariably see a caveat stating that the weak performance is due to the righer resolution NEX sensor and that the lens perform better on a 16MP NEX sensor.  If i had a NEX lens collection and resolution was important to me (eg landscape) I would have a think about whether the new 24MP sensor out resolves the lenses - reviews I guess are the only way really to see this

The Sony FF lens map looks pretty balances albeit expensive, the NEX lens range is ridiculously weighted towards wide angle, perhaps because the AF was crap, perhaps because the fanboys only do landscape - who knows but with a NEX you are not going to get native AF/OIS bright tele >50mm

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