WARNING: issues with B&H and A7

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And I'll disagree with you

DFPanno wrote:

cheddargav wrote:

Imagine if you made a mistake at work and someone went on a forum and said "he made a mistake, NEVER hire this guy ever again!"
That's kinda what you're doing here.
Mistakes happen, return it and ask for another, no big deal.
All the best

This forum is exactly where such incidents should be reported. He did not accuse them of anything.

He stated that he lost confidence in them and felt others should know about it.

All fair.

I can understand the situation with Canon gear but not SONY. Sonys are sealed.

If the operation was properly protecting the customer then there is absolutely no way a returned item could end up in stock.

If it is in stock it was put there.

As I tell my own employees - You're not being paid to forget; you're getting paid to remember.

Things break, mistakes happen. Were it major surgery I'd say inform the world. But it wasn't, it was a product that has probably been used, and should be returned, but it's hardly a CAPITAL letters, sound the alarm and cover your kids eyes situation. Just return it, get a new one and move on. Mentioning it on a forum just seems weird. Is the OP saying no one should ever buy from BH then? Sigh, I just find all the drama so unnecessary at times.

Obviously you like the drama, no worries, each to there own

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