D610 and "D" lenses - how compatible?

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Re: D610 and "D" lenses - how compatible?

Ray Sachs wrote:

So I've been shooting with a loaner Df and shooting only small, cheap "D" prime lenses. I figured this was a good match because the lower resolution of the Df sensor wouldn't expose the warts of the cheaper glass like a higher res D610 would, let alone something like the D800. But I've decided I'm going to be buying a Nikon full frame and I'm wondering just how well the D610 would do with them. I love the low light capability of the Df, but I've spent the past year shooting with the RX1, which shares a sensor with the D610 and I was basically very happy with the low light capability of that sensor. The Zeiss lens in the RX1 is simply amazing though, probably an order of magnitude nicer than the "D" lenses I've been shooting with. My primary purpose of moving to a DSLR is getting close to the IQ of the RX1 with a mix of small primes, rather than just one. There are features of the Df that I don't really use or care about much and I wouldn't exactly MIND saving $600-700 when I turn in the Df loaner and buy something. So I'm wondering:

Would the higher res sensor of the D610 make the "D" glass look that much sharper or would it merely expose the relative weakness of those lenses?

I'm pretty committed to staying with small prime lenses - jumping from small mirrorless cameras to a DSLR is a bigger leap than I'd considered at all until recently and I'm sticking to m43 for longer and ultra-wide lenses, where the size advantage is pretty overwhelming. But if the D610 is going to work well with the "D" glass, I may well go for that rather than a Df.

So has anyone shot back to back with these two bodies with some of these lenses that can share any thoughts? I'm probably going with some combination of the 20, 24, 28, 35, 50, and 85 - probably at least three and maybe four of them. I'm absolutely NOT interested in getting into really high end glass, both because of the size/weight and cost.

I've been happy with the sharpness of these lenses shooting with the Df, but it's not the same as the RX1. Would the D610 be that much sharper with those lenses or would it just make the softness of the lenses more apparent?

While I'm on it, two other quick questions about the D610:

1. I assume it works fine using the aperture rings on these lenses rather than one of the control dials?

2. If you're not using both control dials for shutter speed and aperture, is it possible to assign one to exposure compensation so you don't have to always hold down the exposure comp button to adjust it - just have one dial always armed and ready to change exposure?

Thanks in advance for any input...



Your two last questions are easy enough to answer as yes to both, but as someone who sold his D600 to buy his Df, I'm in two minds as to what to tell you to do here. Nothing wrong with the D600/10 really:

Pros: a great sensor, light, small (for a DSLR), and works well. For me an additional plus was that it had the same batteries as the D800E I also own.

Cons: It wasn't a Df!  It had conventional controls, it didn't have the Df sensor, it didn't have the D800 AF (but neither did the Df), he AA sensor seemed much stronger than the equivalent on the Sony cameras that use the same sensor (RX1 etc).

The cons are all quibbling really - the D600 is a great camera. The real reason I went for the Df is that it had better high ISO ability and the dial based controls. It basically replaced both my D600 and my X-Pro1. In the months of use since though, I've come to appreciate the quality of the 16mp sensor more and more. Leica should have used it in the M240 - the images are simply beautiful.

As to using D lenses, which are traditionally a bit weaker in the corners, yes, a higher MP sensor shows that a bit more (some of them look really weak on my D800E). If that's really an issue (and cost is too) a second hand D700 (which is still a fine camera, if a bit larger) would look even better with the D lenses than the Df. If you are tempted to buy a D610 and might use something other than D lenses the recent G 18-35 (not the old version) rocks on the D600/10.



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