Problems with a7 that need firmware update

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Re: Problems with a7 that need firmware update

cheddargav wrote:

Dustinash wrote:

-the autofocus assist DOES NOT work with flashes, when you mount a sony flash and are using standard FE-mount lenses, the camera will still try and use its awful orange light instead of the much subtler red grid from the flash. AF assist light will not work at all with alpha glass.

-the back screen needs to be able to shut off rather then go black but still be powered. This is a waste of battery life and is just dumb. increase wake up speed and add in a faster sleep and the camera would almost be as efficient as a standard dslr with battery consumption.

I would add that the "finder/monitor/auto" should just be a toggle that can be assigned to a button. IE - using the button would switch between monitor and finder and/or both off. I could completely and utterly live without "auto" mode if I had this.

-low light af is not good.

It is better on the 55 1.8 than on the 35 2.8, but I agree that it hunts a bit. However, no worse than a D600.

Please comment or add

No worse than a D600? Interesting. I can't wait to try an A7, because there are soooo many conflicting reports on the AF it gets your head spinning

I have owned the D600 and I have used the A7R and Zeiss 55 for a week and I could not disagree more with the statement that the A7 and 55 are on par with the D600 in lower light. I found a huge difference between the 2. The D600 is close to my Canon 6D, but the A7 is much closer to the typical E mount camera when it comes to lower light and AF.

But as you noted, the reports are conflicting. That's exactly why I spent the money to rent the A7/R because I wanted to see for myself.

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